MyCAR is a versatile workshop software that includes all the digital tools car repair workshops need. Users will be able to provide the best customer experience in the industry from the first cost estimation all the way to client invoicing. The software automates many phases of office work that are essential for car workshop business. Save your time for productive work and really serve your clients!

The price of the workshop software is only 37 euros per month.

We are now offering a six month free trial for new users!

The workshop software users can let consumers to book scheduled maintenance booked directly to their calendar. Of course, the users are able to configure their own pricing and set open times in their booking calendar. Then, by the given selected pricing settings, the MyCAR workshop software calculates cost estimation for your customer and displays the available times in your booking calendar. Acquiring new customers couldn’t be easier!

»  Digitalize your workshop office routines

»  Free up your time for productive work

»  Work orders and service reports quickly

»  Electronic booking calendar

»  Vehicle service is saved to the cloud

»  Picture and video messaging directly to clients

»  Direct links to the car manufacturers portal

»  Billing and payment terminal

»  Consumer invoicing with instant payments

»  Insurance company invoicing

Free your time for productivity

Like tools in general, workshop software should facilitate and speed up the workshop company’s office routines so that time is saved for productive work. We are convinced that our workshop software is at its best here. According to the workshop company’s current working methods, the work phases proceed in a logical order, and automation takes seamlessly care of several data searches and quickly calculations.

We dare to proudly say that our cost estimation feature is the fastes in the world. And quickly it also turns into a work order. Spare parts orders can be automated if you wish. And you can provide to you clients the most professionally looking work orders and maintenance records on the market. For payments and invoicing you can use different options that flexibly fits to all practical situations – including the splitting for insurance companies and their requirements for VAT handling.

Easy and quick implementation

MyCAR is a modern cloud based solution and no installation is needed. Web browser login from anywhere with any device. Use one evening in practising and start using! For all this, you will receive personal guidance.


The fastest maintenance cost estimation tool in the world

The functionality is built on a database for car manufacturer OE information and service schedules. You get instant access to car part availability information with your own net purchasing prices and real-life retail prices. The instant maintenance cost estimation tool uses your own pricing settings and automatically generates cost estimations, work instructions for mechanics, and lists for ordering parts. Everything is ready to be delivered digitally to your client and the order can be sent digitally to your local car part distributor. You can print everything if you want.

BOOKING calendar

Many say, MyCAR booking calendar is the best on the market. You can see calendar status and filling rate with one view, per day, per week, per mechanic. Additionally, you can offer digital scheduling and self-reservation to your clients via webservice. MyCAR calculates automatically needed labor times for all scheduled repair sessions and shows net time in calendar view.

Labour time Compensation

MyCAR -solutions offers manufacturer OE information and repair times with no extra cost. Total net labour time for combined repairs is automatically generated. This makes it easy for you to continue the cost estimation based on the net time already calculated.


It is all up to you how your sales pricing is automatically calculated. You can freely set up your invoicing labour price, your own multipliers for OE labour times and adjust as you wish spare parts retail price settings. After a short period of testing, you will get the cost estimations and work orders automatically the way you like. You can adjust settings also later and you can manually adjust any calculations during the process if you like.

Easy spare parts ordering

As a user of MyCAR workshop software, you always decide yourself from where you order spare parts. However, our service offers a very easy way to order spare parts included in the work order at the click of a button. Even completely automatically.

Electronic maintenance record

The system securely stores all finished electronic maintenance records. It is very fast and convenient to serve returning customers as all the information of the past works can be easily found. This saves times and leads to fluent customer experience.

Digital customer record

MyCAR -CRM meets all EU GDPR-regulation. An intelligent search finds the customer with name, registration plate or any other record. The new customers are added easily. All data is secured automatically to MyCAR cloud.

The right lubricants – automatically

MyCAR -database automatically shows information of right motor oil and filling volume based on the vehicle. This can hardly be easier!.

Chemical safety requirements

MyCAR workshop software includes access to a database of Safety Data Sheets for more than 500 different chemicals at no extra charge. In the workshop software, you can select the chemicals you use, carry out a risk analysis of them and generate the necessary legal documents.

VIN Lookup

VIN LOOKUP is a advanced and useful pay per use feature. LOOKUP fetches VAG-Group OE information and PR codes of components automatically. Additionally, VIN LOOKUP result data is used to filter spare part searches and result only include compatible parts.

Service video

MyCAR offers you easy to use tools and comprehensive instructions to shoot short videos about clients’ cars and their condition. The client can access your videos on any device.

Some OE dealer workshop networks have been using similar feature for some time now and their user workshops customer satisfaction rate has increased noticeably. We offer improved, integrated feature at very competitive price.

Integrated card payment terminal

Workshop software offers integrated plug and play card payment terminal and very affordable integrated card payment transaction agreement – often savings are bigger than total annual cost of the whole software license! Splitting payments is easy. As well as refunds back to the card.

Risk free invoicing of private clients

Our private customer billing system rates customers creditworthiness in seconds. Your company gets total amount on your account is two days. Your client gets a normal invoice with typical due date. The cost of the credit query and invoicing compares to payments by credit card. It is really affordable, no-risk payment method to get money fast from clients preferring invoicing. There is MyCAR instalment payment option available for consumer clients too.

Electronic invoicing

The European legislation requires service providers to offer electronic invoicing to company clients. This functionality is integrated to MyCAR workshop software, and you can start to use it once you have approved and confirmed the contract. You can always extend this with additional service for delivery of printed invoices.